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EOF Working Group

The first European Operators Forum dealt with the operational issues of networks in Europe, such as new backbones and Internet Exchange Points.

The Working Group

It was replaced first by this (currently inactive) Working Group, and then by the European Operators' Forum or EOF. This met at RIPE Meetings and eventually transformed to become known as The Plenary.

EOF @ RIPE Meetings

These days, the Plenary covers topics of interest to the RIPE community in general and operators in particular. Sessions address new technology developments of interest to Internet Protocol network operators.

Sessions are organised by theme with discussion continuing in the appropriate active RIPE Working Group.

EOF Programme Committee

The EOF itself has no formal charter or chair. The agenda is coordinated by a program committee led by Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair.

The Program Committee welcomes input for possible topics and can be reached at [email protected].