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RIPE 31 TLD-WG Minutes

Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: 23 September 1998
Chair: Niall O'Reilly
Scribe: Lars-Johan Liman

Attendance: 68 (including representatives of 18 ccTLD Registries)

Adopted as the minutes of the RIPE 31 TLD-WG session at RIPE 32

1. Administrivia

1.1 Recognition of Scribe

Lars-Johan Liman was forced to volunteer as scribe. :-)

1.2 Agreement of Agenda

The agenda proposed by the chair was adopted with the following addition:

  • The issue of was added to the "new IANA" section.

2. Matters arising from RIPE 30 TLD-WG meeting

2.1 Adoption of Minutes from RIPE 29.

The minutes were not yet finalised. An action was put on the chair to finalise them before the end of October.

2.2 Adoption of Minutes RIPE 30

The minutes were not yet finalised. An action was put on the chair to finalise them before the end of October.

2.3 Review of Action List

The outgoing action list from the previous meeting was empty.

3. Review Workplan

The chair presented work that has been done in the area of the work plan. Priority items have been taken on by CENTR, in particular TLD coordination and Documentation and alignment of practices.

No new activities were added.

The chair reported that Boudewijn Nederkoorn (CENTR chair) and Harald Alvestrand had been nominated to a WIPO expert panel.

4. Liaison with other Working Groups


With reference to the Stockholm meeting: TLD-wg requested from the DB-wg that a referral feature be implemented. Is this done? The chair undertook to follow up.


There was general interest in seeing that the document on best practice be finalised.

5. RIPE-CENTR Progress

Fay Howard, RIPE CENTR Project Officer, presented Policy Group and Project activities.

The following is a brief summary of her presentation.

Independent CENTR organisation

European focus, members will be ccTLD registries
Large, medium, small levels of contribution
Assessment panel: SE, DK, IT
Other countries to submit proposals by 20 October
Report of assessors due 10 November
In action early 1999
Budget region 300 kECU

Project activities

Reported already in plenary by Mirjam Kuehne

Technical Workshop (Summer)
Administrative Workshop (September)
De-facto reference point for queries: need PR
CENTR Web site -- gateway to ccTLD sites

7. Any Other Business

At this point the meeting decided to jump to the agenta point AOB, since there were people that had to leave

There were no AOB.

6. New IANA and Supporting Organisations

In the week before the meeting a fourth iteration of bylaws for nIANA was issued and has received ciriticism from many stakeholders.

The IESG, RIPE NCC, CENTR, as well as a group of people related to the EC meeting in Brussels in July have made public comments.

The gTLD-MOU policy oversight committee has put out a proposal for a domain name supporting organisation as specified in the nIANA bylaws (See A meeting is planned for October 16-18 in Barcelona.

Daniel Karrenberg made an impromptu presentation describing the history behind and current situation with nIANA. He summarized the details of nIANA as follows:

  • US based not for profit corporation.
  • Board of directors:
    1. At large directors (9 persons)
    2. Supporting organisations (also 9):
      • Domain Names supporting org (3)
      • Protocol supporing org (3)
      • Address supporing org (3)
    3. President/CEO.

Address Supporting Organisation: RIR's play big a role. RIPE NCC is one of the orgs intrested in this.

Protocol Supporting Organisation: To handle protocols IDs, port numbers etc. IETF is the percieved body in this organisation.

Domain Name Supporting Organisation: To handle domain names. There is no general consensus.

Policies would be generated in the supporting organisations (SOs), through open processes. Development of policy takes place in the SOs. SO sends proposal to the board. Normally the board will approve or return with comments.

The intent with the "at large board members" is to look after industry and individual users. The SO related board members will be appointed by each SO on staggered terms.

Daniel Karrenberg presented RIPE NCC's statement on the fourth draft of the bylaws. See

A discussion about what to focus on took place, and included information about the situation with, and the outcome was more or less that the TLD-wg should keep its focus on securing a stable environment for root name server operations.

8. Conclusions

It was concluded that there was no need to change the work plan.

The chair thanked all the participants, and meeting was closed.

Appendix: Action list

The action list as of the close of the meeting stands as follows:

Action TLD-31-1: Niall O'Reilly
Finalise the minutes from the RIPE 29 meeting before October 31, 1998.

Action TLD-31-2: Niall O'Reilly
Finalise the minutes from the RIPE 30 meeting before October 31, 1998.

Action TLD-31-3: Niall O'Reilly
Obtain information from DB-WG on status of referral mechanism.