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Minutes of Second Remote RIPE 80 Planning Call

30 March 2020

Sandoche Balakrichenan, Nina Bargisen, Fergal Cunningham, Joao Damas, Gert Döring, Rob Evans, Julf Helsingius, Paul Hoogsteder, Hans Petter Holen, Daniel Karrenberg, Shane Kerr, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Mirjam Kühne, Franziska Lichtblau, Martina de Mas, Brian Nisbet, Bijal Sanghani, Brian Trammell,

1. Remote RIPE 80 Planning
2. RIPE Chair Transition

1. Remote RIPE 80 Planning
Hans Petter suggested a number of options for time slots during RIPE 80:

1. 90 minute slot + 30 minute break
2. 20 minute slot + 10 minute break
3. 30 minute slot + 15 minute break
4. 45 minute slot + 15 minute break
5. 60 minute slot + 60 minute break

Hans Petter said the GM needed to take place at the announced time on Wednesday afternoon and the RIPE NCC Services would take place just before that.

Franziska reported that on the PC list Wolfgang Tremmel had suggested they start each meeting at the full hour. Others didn’t think this was necessary.

Sandoche asked if they should consider parallel meetings. There wasn't much support for this.

Nina clarified that the MAT WG wouldn’t need a meeting slot. They would like to keep the RIPE NCC tools and measurements update, but she suggested that this could be published as a RIPE Labs article prior to the meeting.

Mirjam said they could publish other RIPE NCC updates as well (and other presentations for that matter) as RIPE Labs articles to accompany short presentations during the meeting slots.

Hans Petter confirmed that the BCOP TF wouldn’t need a time slot for this meeting.

Some participants stressed that they needed to be very strict with start times and timekeeping and ensure adequate breaks. Dmitry said they might have to reserve five minutes at the beginning of each meeting slot to allow people to connect and sort out any technical issues.

Most participants liked option 3 or 4 (above). It was noted that option 4 might work best for the RIPE NCC Services WG and GM. Hans Petter said he would send a draft meeting plan based on these two options.

Fergal said they shouldn't forget people in other timezones. Hans Petter suggested they start the meeting at 9:00AM.

Regarding BoFs, Franziska said the PC didn’t think they necessarily had to fit within the dedicated time slots. As long as they provided a room, BoFs could happen in parallel or at another time. Apart from that, the number of submissions and agreed presentations had not changed in the meantime. Franziska said she had agreed with Gergana that they should postpone the RACI presentations until next time.

Hans Petter said the RIPE NCC Executive Board was considering an informal “Meet the RIPE NCC Board” session and that he could also do a "Meet the RIPE Chair" and/or "Meet the new RIPE NCC MD". People liked that idea. In addition to the usual meeting slots, it was noted that they should try to schedule some break-out or social sessions for people to chat.

Brian Trammell said the Hallway Chat webex room at IETF 107 didn’t work so well. He suggested a different format or tool might work. Daniel recommended the Houseparty app. He said he would set this up and send to the list so people could play with it. He noted that it seemed to be targeted at the younger generation, but this might be a good way to encourage younger people to join the RIPE Meeting.

Fergal mentioned that they would also provide other options in the RIPE networking app.

The group agreed to discuss the RIPE Meeting plan further by email and to schedule another call around 14-15 April to finalise this.

2. RIPE Chair Transition

Following the last call, Hans Petter had decided to step down as RIPE Chair on 30 April. He also offered to step in as interim RIPE Chair until the NomCom had finalised the process of selecting a new chair. He said it was up to the RIPE WG Chairs to decide who they wanted as their interim chair.

Daniel drafted a resolution and sent it to the RIPE WG chairs. Brian Nisbet made a suggestion that was incorporated into the resolution. In addition, Dmitry suggested they add the times so it was clear that the overlap would be very short.

The RIPE WG Chairs agreed to make the following statement: "The WG chairs have taken notice of Hans Petter’s intention to step down as RIPE Chair; we respect the reasons behind it. The NomCom process is already under way and the NomCom expects to have confirmed candidates by the end of July. Therefore, we have asked Hans Petter, and he has agreed, to take the role of interim RIPE Chair after his resignation and to help with a speedier-than-foreseen transition once the selection process for a new Chair and Vice Chair concludes."