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Data and measurements are at the core of the RIPE NCC's mission to support a stable and resilient Internet.

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Our suite of tools, including RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, and the RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS), provide invaluable insights that for operators making Internet infrastructure decisions globally.

RIPE Atlas offers insights into Internet connectivity and reachability through a global network of measurement probes. Anchors within RIPE Atlas enhance measurement capacity and serve as regional targets, forming the backbone of our DNSMON system.

The RIPE Routing Information System (RIS) collects Internet routing data, offering a comprehensive view of Internet routing dynamics accessible via RIPEstat. Our initiatives also include IXP Country Jedi for visualising Internet traffic paths and RIPE IPmap for mapping Internet infrastructure geolocation data.

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Align your organisation with cutting-edge technological advancements and contribute to the development of tools that are crucial for maintaining the Internet's technical core. Contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can help support the Internet, or use the contact form below.

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Data and Measurements Sponsorships
Sponsorship Benefits Platinum (€100,000 upwards) Gold (€50,000) Silver (€25,000) Bronze (€5,000)

Hardware Probes

200 (lifetime)

100 (lifetime)

50 (lifetime)

10 (lifetime)

Sponsored Probes

800 (1 year)

400 (1 year)

200 (1 year)

40 (1 year)

Measurement Credits

100 Million

50 Million

25 Million

5 Million


Up to 75

Up to 50

Up to 25

Up to 10

Promotional Benefits

Logo, social media (3 posts), RIPE Labs article, badges, t-shirts (50 for your use, 100 distributed to the community with your logo)

Logo, social media (3 posts), RIPE Labs article, badges, t-shirts (25 for your use, 50 distributed to the community with your logo)

Logo, social media (1 post), badges, t-shirts (10 for your use, 25 distributed to the community with your logo)

Logo, badges, t-shirts (5 for your use)

Logo on Sponsored Probes

RIPE Atlas: Building a Global Internet Measurements Platform

RIPE Atlas can be used to monitor network visibility from thousands of vantage points around the globe, investigate and troubleshoot network issues, check the responsiveness of DNS infrastructure, check IPv6 connectivity, and much more. Learn how network operators, researchers and regular users have benefitted from RIPE Atlas.

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"The ability to start your own measurements is really something unique that you can only find with RIPE Atlas."
Stèphane Bortzmeyer, AFNIC

"What I like about RIPE Atlas is that you get an inside perspective from a network, feels like you're in those networks yourself."
Willem Toorop, NLnet Labs

"My favourite thing about RIPE Atlas is both the very helpful and available community. Also, the ability to get access to data that otherwise would be tricky to get access to."
Marcel Flores, Verizon Media Platform

View research on RIPE Labs

Researchers from around the world use our Internet measurements tools to run experiments and publish their findings. We regularly share this research on RIPE Labs, our community platform.

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A graph showing IXPs in the Middle East

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Our sponsorship team will be happy to talk to you about how you can partner with us. You can reach out to us at [email protected].

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