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South East Europe (SEE) Meetings

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Since 2011, the RIPE NCC has organised regional meetings throughout SEE. These events gather network engineers, regulators, academics and other technical staff to share knowledge and experiences, and to identify areas for regional cooperation. We keep recordings of all past presentations as a good resource for those who could not attend in person. The meetings are open to anyone and there is no registration fee. If we haven't been to your country in a while, and you are willing to help us host such an event, please let us know!

Our Engagement in South East Europe

Supporting Network Operator Groups (NOGs)

Network Operator Groups (NOGs) provide an excellent opportunity for participants to come together, learn from each other’s experience and establish useful business relationships. Operators can network easily and meet other people in the community through meetings and mailing lists. The RIPE NCC supports the creation and development of network operator groups in South East Europe. You will often see our staff at SINOG, GRNOG, RONOG, RSNOG and ALNOG. If you are thinking of forming a NOG in your country but don't know where to start, read about some of the ways we could help you or read a collection of articles written by both staff and NOG organisers.

Developing Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

By making it easier to contain local traffic within the country, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) decrease ISPs’ operating costs. This, in turn, makes Internet access more affordable. We've cooperated with a number of IXPs in South East Europe on various projects and are eager to help countries with no IXP yet get that set up. If you are searching for ways to create one, get in touch with us.

Internet Governance Initiatives

Different stakeholder groups can convene and discuss pressing issues concerning the evolution and use of the Internet through Internet Governance events. We have supported the South East Europe Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) since its inception in Bulgaria in 2015 and have contributed to each event financially by providing speakers and contributing to the process of program development.

We also support Internet Governance events at a national level in South East Europe. If you are thinking of creating an initiative on Internet Governance, please contact us. Additionally, we provide sponsorship and present at Youth and Summer schools in the region.

Funding opportunities

Are you from South East Europe? Here’s how you can get funding from the RIPE NCC:
SEE Fellowship: Provides funding covering the travel and accommodation to SEE meetings
RIPE Fellowship: Provides funding covering the meeting fees, travel and accommodation to RIPE Meetings
RACI: Cover financial expenses for academics to attend RIPE Meetings or Regional Meetings to present their research
RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund: Provides funding for projects working for ‘the good of the Internet’.

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