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IPv6 Community

RIPE IPv6 Working Group
The IPv6 Working Group exists to promote IPv6 adoption. Its activities include:

  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Sharing deployment experiences
  • Discussing and fixing operational issues

The working group cooperates with operators and others, both inside and outside the networking industry, to share resources and combine efforts.

RIPE Labs is a platform designed by the RIPE NCC for network operators, developers and industry experts to showcase, test and discuss innovative Internet-related tools, ideas and analyses that can benefit the RIPE community and RIPE NCC members.

RIRs and the NRO
Get information about IPv6 in each of the different Regional Internet Registry (RIR) service regions, as well as from the Number Resource Organization (NRO).

The Internet Society's (ISOC) dedicated IPv6 website, including case studies, information on IPv6 security, statistics, training, resources and more.

ipv6-ops Mailing List
This list is a forum for people who are actually deploying IPv6 on the Internet. Its focus is on operational issues (especially BGP routing) and development of the production IPv6 Internet. A wealth of information can be found in the list's archives.

IPv6 Facebook Group
There is an IPv6 group on Facebook with over 4,300 members who help each other answer questions about IPv6 and keep each other up to date on their deployments.

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