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RIPE Task Forces

A RIPE task force is a group of RIPE community members formed to study and report on a specific topic or issue within the RIPE community as input to community discussion.

You can read more about the definition and guidelines for RIPE task forces in this RIPE document.

RIPE tasks are structured in two ways: time frame and task group. The task groups will be assigned to task forces, which are groups of individuals having a vital interest to achieve the tasks. The task forces designate a coordinator who is responsible for making sure that progress is made and that results will be achieved within the time frame that the task force has agreed.

The outcome of a task force is a report with recommendations. The recommendations will be discussed by the RIPE community, and implemented when consensus is reached.

The ripe-list mailing list carries general announcements and discussions about RIPE.

Active RIPE Task Forces

Best Current Operational Practices Task Force

The Best Current Operational Practices Task Force was formed at RIPE 67 in October 2013 to initiate and coordinate the process of documenting good common operational practices in networking.

Closed RIPE Task Forces

DNS Resolver Best Common Practice Task Force

The DNS Resolver Best Common Practice Task Force was formed to develop a set of Best Current Practices that operators of Open DNS Resolvers will be encouraged to subscribe to.

This Task Force has been initiated by the DNS WG together with the Cooperation WG at RIPE 85.

Code of Conduct Task Force

The Code of Conduct Task Force was formed after RIPE 80 to finalise the updated RIPE Code of Conduct documents.

RIPE Diversity Task Force

The RIPE Diversity Task Force closed in May 2022 at RIPE 84 after successfully launching diversity and inclusion initiatives within the RIPE community.

The discussion is now continuing on the Diversity mailing list, as this topic has evolved into a broader community activity. The mailing list is open to everybody and all suggestions are welcome.

The RIPE Database Requirements Task Force

The idea for this task force (DBTF) was discussed at the RIPE Big Picture BoF at RIPE 78. The DBTF started its work in October 2019 at RIPE 79 and closed at RIPE 83 after publishing its final report. This document lists all the requirements for the RIPE Database and the rationales behind them.

RIPE Accountability Task Force

The RIPE Accountability Task Force was formed in October 2016 following a presentation at RIPE 73. The Task Force will examine the structures, documentation and processes of the RIPE community to ensure they provide high levels of accountability.

Abuse Contact Management Task Force

This task force was established following RIPE 61 in Rome, to examine recent policy proposals around the issue of managing the abuse contact field in the RIPE Database and provide feedback to the community.

DNSSEC Key Repository Task Force

Following discussions at RIPE 54 in Tallinn, the DNS Working Group agreed to form a Task Force to discuss issues around finding a global DNSSEC trust anchor. The Task Force was later closed by the WG at RIPE 63 in Vienna.

RIPE Certification Task Force

A task force was established at RIPE 53 in Amsterdam to advise, review, and provide feedback about a certification system

Data Protection Task Force

At RIPE 52 in Istanbul, RIPE established a task force to work with the RIPE NCC data protection team.

RIPE Task Force on Enhanced Cooperation

At RIPE 54 in Tallinn, the RIPE Task Force on Enhanced Cooperation was formed to advise on issues of enhanced cooperation between the RIPE community and relevant stakeholders, particularly governments and regulators.

IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force

At RIPE 52 in Istanbul, RIPE established a task force that promotes deployment of ingress filtering at the network edge by raising awareness and provide indirect incentives for deployment.