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Draft Charter

This task force will:

  • Raise awareness about this issue among network operators
  • Solicit and collect requirements and opinions about such a service
  • Follow and advise the RIRs' joint work on the subject, especially in relation with RIPE NCC
  • Evaluate and review the anticipated technical, policy and business relation changes between LIRs and RIRs
  • Produce a report on its work

The report will include, but is not limited to:

  • Usefulness of number resource certification in general
  • Business implications of a number resource certification service for resource holders
  • General and specific requirements for a number resource certification service
  • Implications of such a service for number resource policies
  • Expected uptake of such a service among resource holders

The task force will have completed its task when this report is published


  • a resource certification (prototype) system is in place and operational, and the corresponding technical, policy and related questions and implications are clearly seen


  • there is a consensus within the RIPE community that RIPE NCC shall not provide resource certification services.

The task force shall be disbanded when these tasks have been completed or when there is consensus within RIPE that completion of the tasks is no longer realistic.