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RIPE Data Protection Task Force

See: Report of the RIPE Data Protection Task Force


The Data Protection Task Force agreed on the following charter:

"This task force will:

  • Work with the RIPE NCC to develop any procedures and practices required to comply with data protection regulations
  • Raise awareness about these issues within the RIPE community
  • Tell the RIPE community about any new procedures and practices
  • Consider any serious issues arising from differences between Dutch legislation and rulings made in different parts of the RIPE service region, advising on possible options


The RIPE NCC operates the RIPE Database. The RIPE Database is used for storing information about Internet Resources (for example, IP addresses, reverse domains, Autonomous System Numbers and routes). It also contains personal contact information of people associated with these resources. The information is entered into the database and made publicly available. The RIPE NCC builds and maintains the database and gives instructions on how it operates and how to use it. The RIPE NCC is therefore considered to be the 'data controller', under the terms of the Dutch Data Protection Act.

The RIPE NCC has examined how to ensure registry data and the RIPE Database comply with relevant data protection regulations. The RIPE NCC is an association registered in the Netherlands. It must therefore comply with the EU Data protection directive and the Dutch Data Protection Act.

At the RIPE 52 Meeting in Istanbul, RIPE established a task force to work with the RIPE NCC Data Protection Team. The intention was to create procedures, modify policies (if required) and review documents that address data protection issues.

The tasks for which the DPTF was established are completed and as a result the task force is closed. The RIPE NCC will continue to listen to what the community has to say, will keep monitoring legal framework changes and will react appropriately when necessary.