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RIPE Accountability Task Force

The RIPE Accountability Task Force was formed in October 2016 following a presentation at RIPE 73. The Task Force will examine the structures, documentation and processes of the RIPE community to ensure they provide high levels of accountability.

Final Report

The task force published its final report ahead of RIPE 78.

Draft Report

The task force published its draft report ahead of RIPE 77.

Available downloads


The RIPE Accountability Task Force agreed to:

  • Review existing RIPE community structures, documentation and processes to ensure they are accountable and in alignment with RIPE values
  • Document existing RIPE community structures or processes where needed
  • Identify potential gaps where RIPE accountability could be improved or strengthened
  • Publish recommendations for the RIPE community
  • Identify areas where communications efforts or materials may be required

The scope of the task force is limited to an examination of the RIPE community.

Task Force Members

  • Corinne Cath
  • Hans Petter Holen
  • Malcolm Hutty
  • Alexander Isavnin
  • Peter Koch
  • Joanna Kulesza
  • Francesca Merletti
  • Gregory Mounier
  • Steve Nash
  • Wim Rullens
  • Carsten Schiefner
  • William Sylvester

RIPE NCC Staff Support

  • Athina Fragkouli
  • Antony Gollan
  • Paul Rendek
  • Marco Schmidt

Task Force Update Presentations

Mailing List Archives

Emails to the RIPE Accountability Task Force mailing list are publicly archived.


William Sylvester

William Sylvester

RIPE Accountability Task Force Chair

William Sylvester is co-chair of the RIPE Accountability Task Force