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RIS Tools and Web Interfaces

These legacy tools and web interfaces have been replaced by RIPEstat
Learn more about the changes to our Routing Information Service

RISRIS is a RIPE NCC project that collects and stores Internet routing data from several locations around the globe. RIS offers tools that bring this data to the Internet community.


  • Search allows you to search for specific RIS data using several custom options
  • ASInUse can determine whether an AS is currently in use on the Internet and provide statistical information about its neighbors
  • PrefixInUse can determine when a prefix was last seen on the Internet and who originated it
  • Looking glass allows you to directly query our route collectors
  • RISwhois searches the latest RIS data for details of an IP address. It is useful when querying RIS from scripts. This also has a web interface


  • Weekly Statistics Report weekly produced statistics concerning the state and changes of the global routing table
  • RIS report BGP analysis graphs using the RIS data
  • Debogonising New Address Blocks allows you to test reachability and view statistics for the visibility of new address blocks over the Internet

RIS Status

  • RIS Status Overview lists maintenance announcements, outages and database insertion status

Legacy Services

  • IS Alarms for notifications on rogue announcements of your address space