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RIS Peering Policy

Please announce all your IPv4 and IPv6 BGP routes to the RRC. With this information, our global visibility calculations become more accurate and it helps other AS operators to ensure that their prefixes are visible on your network. The use of TCP MD5 signatures is not supported. Participating peers will be listed on the RIS webpages. All BGP traffic will be recorded, stored in the RIS Database and made available to the Internet community.

If you have questions about details, please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Routing Beacons

Expect to see a small number of prefixes (a subset of those listed in the AS12654:RS-RIS object in the RIPE Database) being announced in your direction. These are "Routing Beacons", mainly used for BGP convergence and flap damping studies. If possible, please treat the beacon prefixes as normal customer prefixes by providing transit for them and announcing them to your peers, customers and transit providers as appropriate. Only a very small amount of traffic to or from these prefixes may be seen while they are used for reachability tests.

We are not taking RIS peering requests via the online form right now. For more details, see:

RRCs Locations Map

Peering information for all RRCs:

RRC Location AS number IPv4 IPv6
RRC00 RIPE NCC, Multihop, Amsterdam 12654 2001:67c:2e8:2:ffff:0:4:28
RRC01 LINX, London
LONAP, London
RRC03 AMS-IX, Amsterdam
NL-IX, The Hague


RRC04 CIXP, Geneva 12654 2001:7F8:1C:24A:0:0:316E:1
RRC05 VIX, Vienna 12654 2001:7f8:30::1:1:1:2654
RRC06 DIX-IE, Tokyo
JPIX, Tokyo
RRC07 Netnod, Stockholm 12654 2001:7f8:d:ff::147
RRC10 MIX, Milan 12654 2001:7f8:b:100:1d1:a5d1:2654:6
RRC11 NYIIX, New York 12654 2001:504:1:0:0:A501:2654:1
RRC12 DE-CIX, Frankfurt 12654 2001:7f8::316e:0:1
RRC13 MSK-IX, Moscow 12654 2001:7f8:20:101::208:114
RRC14 PAIX, Palo Alto 12654 2001:504:d::9
RRC15 PTTMetro-SP, Sao Paulo 12654 2001:12f8::23
RRC16 NOTA, Miami 12654 2001:504:0:6:0:1:2654:1
RRC18 CATNIX, Barcelona 12654 2001:7f8:2a:0:1:1:1:2654
RRC19 NAP Africa JB, Johannesburg 12654 2001:43f8:6d0::86
RRC20 SwissIX, Zurich 12654 2001:7f8:24::fd
RRC21 FranceIX, Paris
FranceIX, Marseille
RRC22 InterLAN, Bucharest 12654 2001:7f8:64:225::61
RRC23 Equinix Singapore, Singapore 12654 2001:de8:4::1:2654:1
RRC24 LACNIC Multihop,
 12654 2001:13c7:7001:500::33
RRC25 RIPE NCC Multihop
12654 2001:67c:2e8:2:ffff:0:4:29

UAE-IX, Dubai,

12654 2001:7f8:73::316e:0:1