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About RIPE Atlas

About RIPE Atlas

RIPE Atlas is a leading Internet measurement network that provides live and historical information about the connectivity of networks around the world. We run this globally distributed network to collect data on Internet infrastructure, usage and development. The data that RIPE Atlas provides can be used to analyse the operation and growth of the Internet. Operators can use RIPE Atlas to monitor network reachability from thousands of vantage points around the globe, investigate and troubleshoot network issues and conduct customised measurements for valuable data about their own networks.

Our mission

With RIPE Atlas, the RIPE NCC hopes to create the world's largest Internet measurement network.

Our ambition is to create an opportunity for unexpected and creative uses of Internet traffic measurement data based on the world's largest active measurement network. We believe this data is valuable for network operators, researchers, the technical community, and anyone interested in the healthy functioning of the Internet who wants to learn more about the underlying networking structures and data flows that keep the Internet running globally.

With those goals in mind, we will continue to work together with RIPE Atlas users, RIPE NCC members, network operators and the wider Internet community to expand the reach of RIPE Atlas and allow anyone interested to easily access RIPE Atlas data.

Where it all began

The RIPE NCC began developing RIPE Atlas in late 2010, as its next active measurement network. The pilot program built on the RIPE NCC's previous measurement network which was the RIPE NCC's first foray into active measurements.

Expanding the network

We rely on interested members of the Internet community - both in the RIPE NCC's service region and around the world - to host RIPE Atlas probes and anchors that relay the results of automated measurements to RIPE Atlas's central infrastructure at the RIPE NCC.

With your help, we hope to continue to expand the network with the ultimate goal of many thousands of probes distributed globally, providing the most detailed picture of the Internet's infrastructure ever created.