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List of RIPE NCC Services

1. The Registry

Registration of IP Addresses and ASNs

The RIPE NCC assigns and allocates Internet number resources across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. We also deregister resources, maintain contractual information on End Users and sponsoring LIRs, process resource transfers, and review the registry data of our members.

Resource Certification (RPKI)

Request a digital certificate listing for the Internet number resources you hold. Resource certification (RPKI) makes BGP more secure by providing validatable proof of registration for resources assigned or allocated to you by an RIR.

RIPE Database

Search the RIPE Database for registration information about networks in the RIPE NCC service region and related contact details. Make use of Whois to carry out quick, direct queries for registration information on specific resources.

LIR Portal

Activate your LIR Portal account to make requests for Internet number resources, manage your registry data, check the status of your requests and more. The LIR Portal offers secure and easy access to all the information you need as a member.

2. Information Services

K-Root Operations

The RIPE NCC operates K-root, one of the 13 root-name servers. The RIPE NCC has deployed over 50 global K-root nodes since we started managing K-root in 1997.

DNS Services

The RIPE NCC delegates reverse DNS zones for the address ranges we manage and provides reliable, authoritative name servers. We also provide technical operation of the domain, which allows the mapping of telephone numbers to domain names to facilitate services such as Voice over IP (VoIP).

RIPE Atlas

Explore RIPE Atlas measurements, maps and tools. RIPE Atlas employs a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time using RIPE Atlas maps and tools.


Find out everything you ever wanted to know about IP address space, Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) and related information for hostnames and countries all in one place. Embed RIPEstat widgets in your webpages to perform a variety of query types.


Get an inside look at how data is routed on the Internet. RIS (Routing Information Service) collects and displays data on BGP, the protocol by which traffic is routed between networks on the Internet, to improve our understanding of the global Internet routing system.


Get a comprehensive, objective and up-to-date overview of the quality of service offered by high-level Domain Name System (DNS) servers. DNSMON is an active measurement service that allows for quick analysis of past and present DNS issues.


Explore the geographical locations of Internet infrastructure, including IXPs, data centres and core routers. RIPE IPmap uses several different geolocation methods combined with crowd-sourced data to continuously enhance its results.

RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports

Learn about routing patterns within and between different countries in our Internet Country Reports. We regularly publish our research based on RIPE Atlas and other tools in detailed reports analysing the state of routing and address space in various parts of our service region.

3. External Engagement and Community

RIPE Meetings/Regional Meetings

Participate in meetings organised by the RIPE NCC. We support two five-day RIPE Meetings each year at different locations across our service region, as well as various regional forums, such as the South East Europe Regional Meeting (SEE) and the Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG).


Get information on events, ideas and analyses impacting the Internet community. RIPE Labs is a platform designed by the RIPE NCC where network operators, developers and industry experts can share their insights with the RIPE community and RIPE NCC members.

Training Services

Expand your understanding of the Internet and RIPE NCC services with our training courses and webinars. Members of the RIPE NCC have access to basic and advanced training in IPv6, BGP, RIPE Atlas and RIPE Database usage and much more.

RIPE NCC Academy

Follow the RIPE NCC's online courses and become certified in a particular area of expertise using our virtual learning environment. Sign in with your RIPE NCC Access account and enrol on whichever course you want to pursue.

RIPE NCC Certified Professionals

Get certified by taking a RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam online and earn a verifiable digital badge. Each digital badge contains metadata that describes your certified skills and expertise. You can certify at three levels of expertise – Analyst, Associate and Expert.

RIPE NCC Open Houses

Join open discussions with RIPE NCC experts and other industry professionals on a range of networking topics. RIPE NCC Open Houses are online events where network operators and other Internet stakeholders can come together to share ideas and experiences.

RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund

Get funding for your project working for the good of the Internet. The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund provides up to EUR 250,000 per year to support projects contributing to the operation and resilience of the Internet.

Community Coordination and Collaboration

We represent our members' interests and support the open, multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance by engaging with numerous stakeholder groups. To achieve this, the RIPE NCC organises and participates in various forums including Roundtable Meetings and Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Meetings.