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The Routing Registry Consistency Check (RRCC) project intends to help identify, correct and keep the routing data in the RIPE Database up-to-date. A coupling to the RIPE NCC's address assignment activities is also an objective of this activity.

The idea is to compare the actual state of the Internet routing tables with the information contained in the RIPE Routing Registry. Data from the Routing Information Service (RIS) Project is used to provide a view of the "actual" state of the Internet. With this information RRCC hopes to allow network administrators to easily correct their routing information in the RIPE Database.

An overview of the project is provided in the Database Document Library. The activity was originally proposed in the RIPE NCC Activities and Expenditure 2000 document.


The goals of the RRCC project are intended to focus on making the RIPE Routing Registry more useful to network engineers. In order to do this, three initial tasks have been proposed:

  1. Provide a means to check the accuracy of the Routing Database.
    This will be done through a web page where network administrators can submit their Autonomous Sytem Number (ASN), and receive a report of the inconsistencies between the RIS data and the RIPE Database.
  2. Provide a means to easily correct the Routing Database.
    This will also be done through a web page. In this case, the RRCC will provide the user with a set of updates that the user may then correct and submit to the RIPE Routing Registry by e-mail. The user will of course be able to modify these at will. The standard RIPE maintainer and notification protections will apply.
  3. Monitor specific portions of the Routing Database for new inconsistencies.
    On user request, the RRCC will be performed regularly for a specific ASN. The user may choose to request regular reports, to be notified when an inconsistency is detected, or to be notified only the first time an inconsistency is detected.

Additionally, the project has longer term goals:

  1. Full check of AS (Autonomous System) import and export rules.
    The ability of a full check to verify that the import and export rules in the Routing Registry are consistent with the real-world import and export rules.
  2. Router configuration checker.
    Similiar to the RtConfig program found in the IRRToolSet (formerly known as RAToolSet), RRCC would allow comparison of router configuration with the RIPE Database.
  3. Measuring success.
    The RRCC will attempt to measure the inconsistency over time, in order to determine whether or not the RRCC is helping improve the accuracy of the database.

Current Status

Currently, for given ASs, the route objects representing routes that originate from the AS are checked. Routes that are present in the RIPE Database but not advertised on the Internet are detected and routes that are advertised on the Internet but not in the RIPE Database are detected.

Also, for given Autonomous Sytems, non-registered peerings are detected.

Updates are produced that can be sent to the Whois Database to fix the detected errors, if any.

"Per-maintainer reports" are provided with the email interface.

The current development target is to release the RRCC scripts that are used to implement these functionalities.

Web Interface

Query the RRCC Database.

Per Maintainer Reports

You can obtain "per maintainer reports" about your inconsistencies. These reports are sent only to the owners of the maintainers. If you would like to receive the report for your inconsistencies, send an email to [email protected] containing the maintainer name in its body, the attribute type to be checked and the appropriate authentication.

  • If the authentication of your maintainer is MD5-PW mail should contain the following lines in its body:
    mntner: <maintainer_name>
    type: <attribute-type>
    password: <password>
  • If the authentication of your maintainer is PGPKEY, mail should contain the following line and should be signed with the appropriate key:
    mntner: <maintainer_name>
    type: <attribute-type>

attribute-type can be one of mnt-by, mnt-lower or mnt-routes.

Report will include routes that are in the range specified by inetnums and routes with this maintainer in their attribute-type attributes, and with the origins with this maintainer in their aut-num objects' attribute-type attributes.

If you supply an existing maintainer and the proper authentication, the report of the inconsistencies related to the maintainer will be mailed back to you.

Development Information

If you wish to discuss the design, please contact the RRCC project at [email protected]

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Please contact [email protected] with any comments or questions about this project.