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Mergers, Acquisitions or Other Change in Business Structure

If your organisation’s business structure changes (e.g. mergers and acquisitions), you need to update your information in the RIPE Registry. Both LIRs and End Users have to maintain accurate information at all times.

If you only need to update your company’s legal name without any business structure changes involved, you can do so via the LIR Portal.

The Steps You Will Need to Take

For LIRs
Both parties involved in the business structure change can request the change via the LIR portal.

Request Update

If you don’t have access to the LIR Portal, you’ll need to email [email protected] and request temporary access.

For End Users
The sponsoring LIR of one of the parties involved needs to contact the RIPE NCC via the LIR Portal.

Contact Us

Required Documents

You will need to include the following documents with your request:

  • Recent company registration documents of the organisations involved issued by a national authority
  • Official legal documents issued by a national authority supporting the change in business structure
  • Other documents supporting the change (if available)

Request Evaluation

Once all supporting documentation has been received, we will evaluate your request according to the applicable RIPE policies and RIPE NCC procedures. We will also check against the EU sanctions list – if either party is found to be under sanctions, the transfer request will not be approved.

Transfer Restriction

Please note that IPv4 addresses and 16-bit AS numbers cannot be transferred for 24 months from the date the registry information was updated.

Relevant Policies