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How to Transfer Independent Resources Assigned to End Users

To begin the process, the current sponsoring LIR submits a transfer request on behalf of the End User holding the independent resources.

Prior to submitting the request, it is the LIR's responsibility to ensure that the details of the End User are accurate and up-to-date.

If the End User organisation has for example changed its name or its business structure, the sponsoring LIR must contact us and provide official documentation proving the changes. We will review the End User details and update where necessary. Once this has been completed, a transfer request can be further evaluated.

In the event that an End User does not receive full cooperation from its current sponsoring LIR, and has decided to terminate its End User assignment agreement, it must sign an End User assignment agreement with a new sponsoring LIR who can then initiate the transfer. Our model agreement is available online.

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