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Mailing Lists and Consultations

The RIPE NCC manages several mailing lists that are open to RIPE NCC members or the RIPE community. There are also periods when either the RIPE NCC, the RIPE Chair Team or others in the community need to consult with members or the RIPE Community on important topics. These consultations are also carried out on the mailing lists and details are provided below.

RIPE Community Mailing Lists

The RIPE community has several public mailing lists, mostly related to the activities of RIPE Working Groups. These lists are maintained by the RIPE NCC.

See the full list of RIPE Community Mailing Lists.

RIPE NCC Specific Mailing Lists

Various mailing lists cover topics related to the activities of the RIPE NCC. Some lists are related to RIPE NCC membership, other lists are dedicated to particular projects.

See the full list of RIPE NCC Specific Mailing Lists.

Member and Community Consultations

When there is a call for input from RIPE NCC members or the RIPE community, all relevant details including the topic, the original request for input the place where discussions are taking place and the period during which input can be given are listed on the Consultations page.

See the currently active calls on the Member and Community Consultations page.

ncc-announce subject tags for better filtering

We understand that RIPE NCC members may only be interested in specific topics, so we always include subject header tags in emails sent from ncc-announce. You can set up your mailbox filters to redirect emails from this mailing list.

ncc-announce tags:

[service] Security and service announcements affecting RIPE NCC services (including scheduled maintenance)

[training] Announcements about RIPE NCC training courses, course material, training videos, etc.

[meetings] Announcements about RIPE Meetings and RIPE NCC Regional Meeting (registration, programme, reminders, updates, etc)

[GM] Information concerning the RIPE NCC General Meeting

[news] Announcements about the RIPE NCC and our services, including implemented policies affecting our services and RIPE NCC publications/documents (Member Update, Annual Report, etc)

Unsolicited Bulk Email ("spam") is never acceptable.

The RIPE NCC will, at its own discretion, remove addresses likely to lead to misuse of any list or lists, and may take further action against individuals and service providers involved.