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Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2024 Feedback


Our Activity Plan and Budget sets out our plans for 2024 along with the associated costs. It has now been published in draft form and the consultation has opened to hear your views on our activities and where the money is spent. 

If you want to have a say on what the RIPE NCC does and where its expenses are, being involved in this consultation and sharing your feedback is the best way to do it. The draft will then be discussed at the RIPE NCC General Meeting in November before changes are made and a final version is published in December. 

The Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2024 has now been published.

Supplementary information

RIPE Labs Articles

We are publishing a series of RIPE Labs articles which will detail each of the activity areas in the document.

RIPE NCC CFO Simon-Jan Haytink takes a deeper look at the budget. He looks at the long-term financial plan and what steps we’ve taken to ensure we can increase cost control while supporting the future financial stability of the RIPE NCC. Read the article.

Chief Registry Officer James Kennedy looks at the core work within the Registry and how he sees our plans for the Registry panning out in the coming year. Read the article.

Chief Technical Officer Felipe Victolla Silveira provides an update on our technical services and tools and gives readers a heads up about what they can expect in 2024. Read the article.

Chief Community Officer HIsham Ibrahim looks at what External Engagement and Community will be doing in 2024, explaining what the RIPE NCC will be doing to sustain the Internet commons. Read the article.

Budget Visualisations

The RIPE NCC is cutting 2 million from the budget in 2024. Below you can see the budget overviews and how each activity area is seeing a reduction in budget. These visualisations are also available in the Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2024

You can also view a sunburst visualisation on the RIPE NCC Forum which provides another look at the proposed budget.

 Income Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2024.pngScreenshot 2023-10-18 at 10.50.45.png
Where Your Fee Goes Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2024.pngBudget Savings Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2024.png

RIPE NCC Survey 2023

The report on the RIPE NCC Survey 2023 is also now available. The results of the survey gave us an excellent overview of what our membership thinks about important issues, and have informed and shaped the activity plan.

How to get involved

The easiest way to comment on the activity plan is through the members-discuss mailing list.

We also held an Open House for members to ask questions and discuss our plans and budget with RIPE NCC staff and members of the Executive Board. The session offered an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with the RIPE NCC and learn about our preliminary strategic and operational plans for the upcoming year. 

The document will then be discussed at the General Meeting (GM) alongside RIPE 87 on 29 November 2023. Registration for the GM is now open.

The Executive Board will consider all feedback from the membership on our budget and activities before publishing the final version in December 2023.