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RIPE NCC Announce Mailing List


We recommend that RIPE NCC members (LIRs) subscribe to the RIPE NCC Announce mailing list. Only official announcements are posted on this list.

  • Please ensure that emails from [email protected] can be delivered to your email servers.
  • Please do not subscribe others to this mailing list without their knowledge.
  • Please do not subscribe role accounts or aliases to NCC Announce.
  • Please do not subscribe an automated ticketing system email address to the mailing lists. This results in unwanted emails that disrupt discussion on the mailing lists. Email addresses that send auto-replies and disrupt the mailing lists might be removed from the list.


Note that unsubscribing from this list can result in your missing important information that affects your RIPE NCC membership. By posting information to this list, we consider that members have been duly informed about changes that may be relevant to them.