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RIPE NCC Technical Emergency Hotline

The RIPE NCC monitors its critical services 24/7. This monitoring includes: the RIPE Database, k-root, DNS and reverse DNS, the LIR Portal, Resource certification (RPKI) and RIPE NCC websites.

As soon as an incident is confirmed, the Service Announcementpage is updated. Please make sure you check this page for the latest updates.

If you have identified a suspected critical outage or a compromise to a RIPE NCC service and it is not on the Service Announcementpage, you can report the incident to our Technical Emergency Hotline.

IMPORTANT: This number should only be called when there is a suspected failure of a critical RIPE NCC service.
This number should not be called to report spam, phishing or other network complaints!

RIPE NCC Technical Emergency Hotline: +31 (0) 652 826 819

The hotline representative will ask you for any information that can help them verify the incident and forward it to the RIPE NCC's technical teams for investigation. You may be asked for your contact information in case the RIPE NCC's technical teams need further information.

If you have detected a security vulnerability on our network but it is not an emergency, you can report it to our Information Security Officer at security AT ripe DOT net.

Please see the RIPE NCC's Responsible Disclosure Policy for more information.