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Central Asia Peering and Interconnection Forum

The Central Asia Peering and Interconnection Forum (CAPIF) is a regional platform for promoting and facilitating the exchange of Internet traffic between Internet service providers (ISPs) in Central Asia. The aim of the forum is to enhance interconnectivity and improve the quality of Internet services in the region.

CAPIF brings together ISPs, network operators, and other stakeholders from Central Asia to discuss and collaborate on issues related to peering, interconnection, and the development of the Internet infrastructure in the region. The forum provides a platform for participants to exchange technical information, best practices, and experiences, and to negotiate interconnection agreements.

Topics of discussion include legislative and regulatory issues, opportunities for regional and international connectivity, funding and resources for IXPs, hosting CDNs, as well as network security and stability and resilience, including MANRS and RPKI. Special attention is given to Internet measurement tools and instruments provided by different local and international stakeholders.

One of the main goals of CAPIF is to encourage the growth of local Internet communities and to support the development of local content and applications. The forum also aims to promote the use of local Internet exchanges, which provide a cost-effective and efficient way for ISPs to exchange traffic and reduce their dependence on international transit.

CAPIF plays a crucial role in promoting Internet development and connectivity in Central Asia, helping to bring the region closer to the rest of the world and to improve the quality of internet services for users in the region.

You can get in touch with the organising team at [email protected].