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14-15 November 2022

The event was held in English.


Session Meeting Room

BGP Operations and Security Training Course

Ablai Khan, "M" Floor

16 November 2022

The event was held in English, Persian and Russian. Live translation was provided.

Meeting room: Ballroom, Lobby "L" Floor



Introduction to Peering and Peering Forums

This session will walk participants through everything they need to know about peering. It will make you understand not only the technical aspects of interconnection, but also how to interact with other peering prospects and how to become more involved in the peering ecosystem. The main topics include:

  • Peering vs Transit
  • Peering economics
  • Getting started with tools and databases
  • The interpersonal aspect of peering and the importance of 1:1s.
  • Nishal Goburdhan, Packet Clearing House (PCH)

Peering Personals


Coffee Break


DNS and Routing Security

In this session we will be supporting the participants gain a better understanding of the deployment of DNSSEC and RPKI in an effort to find solutions to prevent cyberattacks and threats.

  • Askhat Gimranov, Uzinfocom - DNSSEC in Uzbekistan
  • Kevin Meynell, ISOC - MANRS
  • Alex Semenyaka, RIPE NCC - Introduction to RPKI
  • John Brown, Team Cymru - Community-based DDOS protection and why peering and IXs are an important tool (remote presentation)

Moderator: Vladimir Svanadze, Internet Development Initiative


Peering Personals


Lunch in the Asian Cafe, Lobby "L" Floor


Official Opening

High level statements

  • Hisham Ibrahim, Chief Community Officer, RIPE NCC
  • Shavkat Sabirov, President, Internet Association of Kazakhstan

The Regulatory Environment in Central Asia

This panel will discuss core topics to promote peering and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Central Asia. It will include legislative and regulatory issues, opportunities for regional and international connectivity, funding and resources for IXPs, hosting CDNs.

  • Kevin Meynell, Internet Society
  • Tattu Mambetalieva, Central Asian Regional IGF

Moderator: Shavkat Sabirov, Internet Association of Kazakhstan


Peering Personals

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

ROA Signing Party
Meeting room: Ballroom

Let's celebrate safer routing practices! Join the ROA Signing Party to learn how you can improve your Internet routing security. You will hear real deployment stories and recommendations. We will also guide you through the process of creating and signing Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs).

Peering Bilateral Meetings
Meeting room: Ablai Khan

The objective is to provide a dedicated space for participants to hold meetings between parties interested in peering during the conference. This is a popular networking activity at other peering and interconnection forums.


Dinner at Restaurant “Svetlana”

Read more about the restaurant

115 Zheltoksan St., Karsai Plaza 9 floor, Almaty
Phone numbers: +7 (708) 501 21 21 /+7 (771) 602 21 21

Enjoy excellent cuisine and drinks, catch up with old friends and meet new ones at this amazing venue in Almaty.

Getting there: Buses will be available to pick you from from the InterContinental Hotel at 19:00 and at 19:15. The dinner will begin at 20:00, but everyone is welcome from 19:00 onwards. Return buses will be available at 23:15 and 00:00. However, if you miss the bus, you can also easily book a taxi through the Yandex taxi app or another taxi company. The bus ride will take about 15 minutes depending on the traffic conditions. If you are based in Almaty, you're welcome to join us on the bus or arrange your own transportation.

17 November 2022

Meeting room: Astana, "C" Floor



Panel: Connectivity in Central Asia

This panel will draw on a few large telecom providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from the region to discuss the current and future of the interconnection landscape in Central Asia. 

  • James Cowie, Overview of Central Asian Internet Connectivity, Internet Society (remote presentation)
  • Nurlan Meirmanov, Managing Director, Kazakhtelecom
  • Akmal Arifdjanov, Deputy General Director, Uztelecom
  • Bekten Jandaev, Administrative Director, Kyrgyztelecom
  • Shahab Vahabzadeh, CTO, Qbic

Moderator: Vahan Hovsepyan, RIPE NCC


Peering Personals


IXP Updates

In this session Internet Exchange Points will be giving a quick update on their history of the IX, current new and future plans.

Moderator: Oleg Emelyanov, NOG.KZ


Peering Personals

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Internet Measurements

If you don’t measure it, you can't manage it. In this session we will focus on Internet measurement tools and how the connectivity in the region is viewed externally.

    • Alex Semenyaka, RIPE NCC - RIPE Atlas measurements of interconnection within Central Asia
    • Oleg Muravskiy, RIPE NCC - Routing Information Service (RIS)
    • Konstantin Lysukhin, Tele2

Moderator: Kevin Meynell, Internet Society


Peering Personals


Lunch in the Asian Cafe, Lobby "L" Floor


CDN Peering Negotiations

In this session large content delivery networks (CDNs) and Content Providers will provide useful tips and information needed to conduct a successful peering negotiation at peering bilaterals with regional and national ISPs to establish peering relationships. Representatives of such networks will explain what their requirements are, and how ISPs can get in touch with them to discuss more peering opportunities.

  • Elena Yakupova - The peering policy of the VK Company
  • Nihit Tandon, Netflix (remote presentation)

Moderator: Vahan Hovsepyan, RIPE NCC

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

Plenary Session: Updates

  • Farzaneh Badii, Digital Medusa, The impact of sanctions on network operators (remote presentation)
  • Alexander Ilin, MSK-IX, The secrets of IXP platform stability and reliability

Moderator: Alena Muravska


Lightning Talks

  • Alexander Ilin, MSK-IX, Euro-IX Update
  • Oleg Emelyanov, NOG.KZ
  • Vahan Hovsepyan, RIPE NCC, RIPE NCC Community Development
17:15-17:30 Closing

Closing Reception in the Asian Cafe Section A

Join us for an informal closing reception at the Asian Cafe Section A of the InterContinental Hotel once the daily meeting programme ends. Complimentary drinks and canapés will be served.