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Archived Projects

RIS Tools and Web Interfaces

RIS Tools and Web Interfaces Read More


TTM allows you to comprehensively and continuously monitor the connectivity of your network to other parts of the Internet. TTM provides your network operations center (NOC) with information to investigate problems and help prevent them in the future. TTM provides you with trend analysis, making it possible to address problems pre-emptively. Read More


The Routing Registry Consistency Check (RRCC) project intends to help identify, correct and keep the routing data in the RIPE Database up-to-date. A coupling to the RIPE NCC's address assignment activities is also an objective of this activity. Read More


Deployment of Internet Security Extensions Read More


The "Internet Routing Registry Toolset" (IRRToolSet) project at ISC is an activity proposed by the RIPE NCC. Read More

Re-implementation Project

This project migrated the RIPE Database to RPSL and was completed in 2001. Read More


Hostcount is a pan-European research initiative managed by RIPE NCC to provide monthly statistics on the number of hosts connected to the Internet in Europe and the surrounding areas. Read More


The goal of this project is to find the objects with inconsistencies not enforced by the database, and provide reports and statistics for users to help correct them. It also aims at checking for the necessary protection of objects. Read More

Mediterranean Fibre Cable Cut - a RIPE NCC Analysis

Mediterranean Fibre Cable Cut - a RIPE NCC Analysis Analysis by the RIPE NCC Science Group with contributions from Roma Tre University. Editors: Rene Wilhelm, Chris Buckridge Read More