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Converting TTM to IPv6

The Test Traffic Measurement Service (TTM) was shut down on 1 July 2014. This information is available for historical reference.

If you already own a test-box and want to upgrade to the IPv6-capable version of the software, then this is the procedure:

  1. Determine the version of your test-box. This can be series A, B, C or D. Series D boxes are 1u high and manufactured by Dell. Series C boxes are all boxes delivered after 1/1/2001. A or B are boxes delivered before 1/1/2001.

  2. Your box is series A or B:

    1. In this case, a hardware upgrade to a series D box will be necessary. The (usually 3-5 years) old hardware does not support v6.
    2. Series D boxes cost 2,500 euro, however, if you return your old box, you will get a 500 euro discount.
    3. Send an email with a v6 address
    4. A new box will be configured and shipped.
    5. Schedule a time to unplug the old box and plug in the new box with our operators.

  3. Your box is series C or D:

    1. Send an IPv6 address
    2. Our operators will schedule a time for the upgrade
    3. You will have to download a boot floppy from our ftp site.
    4. At the time of the upgrade, boot with the floppy.

Note that we will only do this upgrade if all outstanding invoices have been paid and the service contract for the existing box has been signed.