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DISI Related Projects and Links

This content is only available for historical reference.

  •, a DNSSEC portal.
  • The DNSSEC Deployment Initiative is a self-organising, open effort made up of anyone active in deploying DNSSEC. One notable activity is an expert working group. This site charts deployment progress and provides information and support for those actively engaged in implementing the protocol.
  • NLnet Labs is actively involved with research, development and implementation of DNSSEC. They maintain a a concise list with DNSSEC resources
  • From 20 - 24 January, 2001 the RIPE NCC hosted a workshop in Amsterdam with the purpose of shaking out DHCP interaction with secure dynamic update.
    The goal of this excercise was to be able to bring your laptop to a meeting, get a DHCP lease, and automatically and securely update the (secured) names in the forward and reverse nameservers so that your laptop remained "", the name it has at home.
    This resulted in a Secure dynamic DNS howto.
  • From 21 - 22 January, 2003 the RIPE NCC hosted a workshop in Amsterdam with the purpose of testing the OPT-IN protocol specifications and to test early implementations.
    The notes of this workshop are here