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Lancom, the leading provider of data center, cloud, and telecom services in Greece, owns and operates three state-of-the-art data centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, along with a proprietary Fiber Optic Network that spans across Greece with worldwide connections. Balkan Gate Thessaloniki is the largest carrier-neutral Tier III data center in Northern Greece and is directly connected with major telecommunication providers in Greece and the Balkans. Lancom's recent investment in Crete will establish a dynamic telecommunications route in the wider region of the Balkans and the Southeastern Mediterranean.


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Founded in 1992, the RIPE NCC is the oldest and largest of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

  • As a not-for-profit membership organisation, it administers Internet number resources to more than 20,000 members in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.
  • As an RIR, the RIPE NCC is governed by policies developed by the RIPE community via open, transparent and bottom-up processes.
  • As secretariat for the RIPE community, the RIPE NCC provides neutral platforms for community interaction to develop Internet number policies and to share experience and ideas.

The RIPE NCC also participates in Internet governance discussions, ensuring that the perspective and experience of the RIPE community is included in those discussions.

And the RIPE NCC maintains several technical elements vital to the Internet infrastructure on behalf of the wider Internet community, including the RIPE Database and K-root, one of 13 root name servers. With the support of thousands of community members around the world, the RIPE NCC is also building RIPE Atlas, the largest active Internet measurement platform.


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IPv4.Global provides a trusted marketplace for buying, selling, and leasing IP blocks. Transactions range from smaller blocks through our online platform to large private exchanges through our brokerage business. We operate across all Regional Internet Registries. IPv4.Global is dedicated to reliable, transparent service and publishes current and historical information for the transactions we serve. We have completed more transfers than anyone else in the world. Our experience gets results.
IPv4.Global is a division of Hilco Streambank.

IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank
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Salumanus is a leader in the telecommunications industry. We focus exclusively on fibre optic networks and strive for perfection in our field. Our customers include big network operators, data centres, service providers, public utilities and integrators. Our work aims are to support our partners in building leading telecommunication networks and provide systems and components for stable and effective data transmission. We test, implement and share our knowledge and lend a helping hand at every project stage. We have created our own brand, GBC Photonics, to deliver systems which optimize and boost optical transmission capacity.