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The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet was established in 1991 as a project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia. In March 1995 the Government of the Republic of Croatia passed the Decree on founding of the CARNet institution with the purpose of facilitating progress of individuals, as well as of the society as a whole, through the use of new information technologies. Beside 97 employees, CARNet has about 20 external associates, and the employees from several institutions and companies participate in various project teams. CARNet's activities can be divided in three basic areas: Internet service provision, encouragement of information society development and education for the new era.



DE-CIX is the carrier neutral and independent Internet Exchange in Frankfurt/Germany. Founded in
1995, DE-CIX has established an environment for the bilateral settlement free exchange of Internet traffic (peering). The company is serving 400+ carriers and ISPs from 45+ nations including all leading international players. With 1+ Tbps of switched traffic DE-CIX is the largest Internet Exchange in the world. DE-CIX is your one-stop-shop for Peering and Colocation right in the heart of Europe.
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.ME is the ccTLD of the Republic of Montenegro.


Afilias supports new standards such as IPv6, DNSSEC, and Internationalized Domain Names and highly reliable DNS services.
Afilias powers key pieces of the Internet's infrastructure, including resolution of all .info, .org and .mobi domains.
Afilias' registry and DNS technology is operated on a globally distributed, multi-layered, diverse infrastructure that delivers state-of-the-art security to ensure uptime and protect against malicious attacks. Learn more about
Afilias products and services.


Hurricane Electric is a global Internet Service Provider providing wholesale IP transit services in Europe, North America and Asia. The company is known for its tireless pursuit of making IPv6 available globally. IPv6 services include its IPv6 tunnelbroker service, used to provide end-users IPv6 connectivity when no other method exists, along with its IPv6 Certification testing. Additionally Hurricane Electric operates large data centers in California. For more information, please visit


Metronet is one of the leading ISPs in Croatia and one of the most advanced ICT integrators. Besides telephony, it offers advanced data center services, NOC, VoIP and cloud services.


The Tourist Board of Dubrovnik.