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Meeting Report

The third South East Europe (SEE 3) RIPE NCC Regional Meeting took place from 14-15 April in Sofia, Bulgaria. There were 229 attendees, including 135 from Bulgaria.

The meeting started on Monday with technical tutorials ahead of the official meeting agenda. There was a wide range of presentations from local operators and from the wider community.

At the opening plenary, Paul Rendek gave an update on RIPE NCC activities before Ian Farrer of Deutsche Telekom presented on IPv6 deployment and Eric Vyncke of Cisco discussed the measurement of IPv6 deployment.

The second session on Monday was the IPv6 Plenary, which was both entertaining and informative. Nathalie Trenaman gave an update on her efforts to install IPv6 in the home and Jan Žorž from ISOC gave an informative talk on ripe-554, a RIPE Document entitled "Requirements for IPv6 in ICT Equipment". Vasil Kolev was the first local presenter, and he outlined the deployment of IPv6 in Sofia University. He has made the text of his presentation available. Berislav Todorovic concluded the first day's sessions with a discussion of the challenges of OTT video delivery in a dual-stacked world.

Tuesday started with the Infrastructure Plenary. Anand Buddhdev from the RIPE NCC gave an introduction to Ansible and his colleague Emile Aben gave a presentation on crowdsourcing infratructure geolocation that sparked some interesting discussions. Atanas Terziyski and Stefan Kolev from the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, BAS (IICT-BAS) then discussed large-scale wireless infrastructure in Bulgaria.

The IXP Plenary opened with a Euro-IX update by Julia Lechien. Martin Levy of CloudFlare then chaired a lively panel discussion featuring representatives from BIX.BG, NetIX, NIX.CZ, SOX and InterLAN. During the discussion, Cristian Copcea of Interlan announced that the first Romanian Network Operators Group (RONOG) Meeting would take place in Bucharest on 29 October.

Tuesday's first afternoon Plenary session focused on security issues, and it highlighted many of the divergences that exists between the public and private sectors. Operators lined up at the microphones to respond to Todor Dragostinov from CERT Bulgaria. There was also plenty of debate around the legal presentation on net neutrality from Veneta Donova and a lively discussion around the report from Aglika Klayn of Europol EC3. Though the session ran late, there was still time for three quick lightning talks.

The Closing Plenary focused on measurements, with Paolo Lucente of pmacct following the work he had done in the tutorials with a valuable lecture on network traffic telemetry. Over 90 RIPE Atlas probes were handed out at the SEE 3 Meeting, and Michela Galante from the RIPE NCC gave an update on RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat and other RIPE NCC measurement services. 

The final presentation from James Cowie of Renesys was typically informative and provided an interesting Internet comparison of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Paul Rendek closed the meeting by thanking our hosts and sponsors. He invited everyone to mark their calendar for 21-22 April 2015, when the SEE 4 Meeting will take place in Belgrade, Serbia.