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Presenter Name Presentation Title
Kevin Meynell Deploy360: The Future
Daniele Arena Neutral IXP in Albania
Marco Hogewoning IoT Panel: Learning Curves
Jan Zorz NAT64/DNS64 real life experiments, warnings and also one useful tool
Marco Hogewoning Mad Men: About Selling Technology
Jan Zorz Opening remarks from a SEE6 PC chairman
Prof. Božo Krstajić, PhD Montenegro Internet eXchange Point (MIXP) – a success story
Bijal Sanghani IXP Database and tools
Luca Sani Isolario, the real-time Internet routing observatory
Pavle Mijuskovic Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services
Slavica Tomovic Software defined networking: Experimental research on QoS
Nenad Krajnovic Serbian Open eXchange - Seven years from the beginning
Berislav Todorovic MPLS in an IPv6-Only Network - Doable or a Bridge Too Far?
Nenad Krajnovic PC based software router
Goran Slavic Security concerns related to the Internet connected devices and IoT
Vitomir Dragas Internet market in Montenegro
Rok Arzenšek Management and Orchestration in Complex and Dynamic Environment
Adam Castle RIPE NCC Web Services
Arnold Nipper PeeringDB Update
Natasa Djukanovic By growing in exports we grow our ho.ME
Kevin Meynell Internet-of-somewhat-dubious-Things
Eric Andrei Băleanu Next SEE Meeting
Michael Oghia Sustainability is good for the Internet (and business too!)
Goran Slavic Why don't you have IPv6 ?
Slavica Tomovic Software defined networking: Experimental research on QoS
Bijal Sanghani IXP Panelist
Dmitry Kohmanyuk Government as DDoS Facilitator
Emile Aben Is Local Traffic Staying Local - What We See for the SEE Region with RIPE Atlas
Vesna Manojlovic Results from RIPE NCC Hackathons: IXP Tools and DNS Measurements
Serge Radovcic SEE 6 Opening Plenary
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Update
Ivana Tomic IoT Turning Evil
Serge Radovcic Farewell