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Charging Scheme 2025 Consultation


In May 2024, the RIPE NCC membership will vote at the General Meeting on the Charging Scheme that will apply for them in 2025. Until the GM, we will consult with members on how that charging scheme should be formulated. 

This page will provide information for the members so they can participate in discussions with the relevant facts at hand.

The consultation process began formally at the RIPE NCC Open House that took place on 20 March, when we presented on the current financial situation of the RIPE NCC and asked for member input on how we should proceed with charging our members. The Executive Board met on 25 March to consider the input from the members and arrive at an initial proposal for them to consider. That proposal was published on 10 April.

Draft Charging Scheme Proposals

On 10 April, we published the draft charging scheme proposals for 2025. This follows a resolution passed at the RIPE NCC Executive Board meeting on 25 March.

Under this draft proposal, members are asked to consider three options to vote on:

Option A - Charging Scheme as is with 22.58% price increase for the annual contribution per LIR account (EUR 1,900) and a 0% price increase for Independent Internet number resource assignments* (EUR 50)

Option B - Charging Scheme as is with 20.97% price increase for the annual contribution per LIR account (EUR 1,875) and a 50% price increase for Independent Internet number resource assignments* (EUR 75)

Option C - Charging Scheme as is with 16.13% price increase for the annual contribution per LIR account (EUR 1,800), a 50% price increase for Independent Internet number resource assignments* (EUR 75) and a new AS Numbers fee of EUR 50 per assignment

*Resources falling under this charge are IPv4 and IPv6 PI assignments; Anycast assignments; IPv4 and IPv6 IXP assignments; and Legacy IPv4 resource registrations through a sponsoring LIR.

We have also provided a calculator that members can use to assess what their fees would be in 2025 for each of the proposed options:

Draft Charging Scheme 2025 Calculator

The email explaining the reasoning for proposing these three options was sent to the NCC Announce list by our CFO, Simon Jan Haytink.

Members are now asked to comment on the proposed options by 19 April on the [email protected] mailing list. We will then publish the final charging scheme options for members to vote on at the General Meeting by 24 April.

Supporting Information

This section is aimed at providing relevant facts for members so they can take part in an informed discussion - we’ll update this section during the course of the consultation.

Relevant Documents

Development of the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme

1995 - A fixed fee depending on self-determined size of the registry

1997 - Members allocated to categories depending on resources held

2004 - 2009 - Administration fee (charged when resources were transferred or a RegID was changed) - originally a “takeover fee”

2010 - Started to charge EUR 50 for independent assignments

2012 - Charging Scheme Task Force established

2013 - Current “one LIR one-account” fee model is applied

2015 - Redistribution mechanism established

2022 - Sign-up reduced from EUR 2,000 to EUR 1,000

Year Fee (in EUR) Redistribution








































LIR Account Consolidation

The consolidation of multiple LIR accounts has changed the financial landscape that the RIPE NCC operates in. From a peak of 25,125 LIR accounts in 2019, we are looking at 20,500 for this year and a further reduction in 2025.

Graph showing LIR Accounts Activated 2016-2025
Members and LIR accounts 2016-2023 with projections for 2024-25
Graph showing RIPE NCC Members and LIR Accounts 2016-2025
LIR account development 2016-2023, with projections for 2024-25

The Impact of Inflation

Another factor that influences that landscape is increasing costs driven by inflation. This graph shows how the annual fee would have developed from 2016 if it was adjusted for inflation. Please note that it is possible to refer to many different inflation trackers. The tracker that we have used as a reference should be seen as indicative of the general trend, exact figures might deviate slightly.

Inflation tracker:

LIR fee if adjusted for inflation. The redistributions are shown in orange with a projected redistribution for 2025.
LIR fee adjusted for inflation with a projection for 2025. The redistributions are shown in orange.

Taking Part In Discussions

There are three main ways the membership can help by providing input into the development of the 2025 Charging Scheme.

Open House

Watch the RIPE NCC Open House: Charging Scheme 2025 which took place in March 2024.

View details

Members Discuss Mailing List

Participate in discussions on the Members Discuss mailing list

View details

Vote at the General Meeting

Vote on the resolutions at the RIPE NCC General Meeting on 22-24 May. Registration opens on 27 March.

View details