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Legacy Transfers

Legacy resources can be transferred within the RIPE NCC service region.

We can help you update registration information in the RIPE Database to reflect the new holder of legacy resources, so long as it is clear who the legitimate holder is.

Legacy resources that are transferred in this way will retain their "LEGACY" status.

If you need to transfer legacy resources to/from the RIPE NCC service region from/to the service region of another RIR, please refer to the inter-RIR transfer page

Note: We will be handling updates on a best effort basis as legacy resources transfers are not covered by RIPE policies.

How to Submit a Legacy Transfer Request 

a) The resource holder or receiving party needs to send a request to [email protected] with the following documents as part of our due diligence process:

  • For each of the parties involved in the transfer:
    • Legal persons: Recent registration document from the relevant national authorities.
    • Natural persons: A digital copy of the passport or another valid ID document. The validity of the document will be verified by a third party called iDenfy.
  • The "Confirmation of Request for Transfer of Legacy Internet Resources" letter, signed by a company director that is legally authorised to sign/act on behalf of the requesting party.

Please note that if the letter is signed by someone other than the authorised person referenced in the company's registration document, you need to provide documents confirming the powers of the signee (e.g. a Power of Attorney issued by the company's director for the signee).

b) We will start evaluating your request as soon as we receive an email with the supporting documents.

c) Once your request has been approved, we will make any necessary updates in the RIPE Database (e.g. create the resource objects) and notify the parties involved.

d) If applicable, we will also ask the receiving party if they wish to enter into a contractual relationship with the RIPE NCC for the legacy resource(s) they received.

More information on legacy resources is available.