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Why Participate?

The RIPE NCC is a membership organisation. This means members vote on important decisions such as what the Charging Scheme will be for the coming year.

Your voice matters, and the General Meeting is the official forum to share your feedback on the RIPE NCC’s activities and plans.

Members also vote to elect representatives to the Executive Board. The Executive Board has oversight of all the activities of the RIPE NCC on behalf of the membership.

Attending the GM

To attend the GM, you will need to register when it opens.

All registered participants receive a link to attend a GM. Registered voters also receive a separate link to vote electronically.

If you are unable to register or have any other questions regarding the GM organisation, please contact the General Meeting organisation team.


Members receive voting rights six months after they join the RIPE NCC.

You can register and vote electronically and also nominate a proxy to attend the GM and vote on your behalf. You will need to fill out a proxy form for this.