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Make a Measurement

Types of measurement

The RIPE NCC collects the data from probes and anchors and displays the results as Internet maps, visualisations and tools. Anyone can access RIPE Atlas maps and statistics, which are open and available to the public, the raw data is also available too.

This data is valuable for network operators, researchers, the technical community, and anyone interested in the state of the Internet the world over.

Volunteers who host probes can also make their own customised measurements using the entire RIPE Atlas network, which can provide valuable information about the performance of their own network.


The RIPE Atlas credit system allows us to recognise participants' contributions to the system. RIPE Atlas probe hosts earn credits for the time their probes remain connected, and for the number of measurement results they generate, and in return can spend these credits to request user-defined measurements, called UDMs from it. It is meant to serve as a means of measuring the level of contribution to, and consumption of, resources in the RIPE Atlas system.

Learn more

You can read more about taking measurements in our RIPE Atlas documentation.

Make your first measurement!

  1. If you don't have one, create a RIPE NCC Access account
  2. Launch RIPE Atlas
  3. Navigate to the Measurements tab
  4. You can use the RIPE NCC’s measurements or create your own