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Code of Conduct Task Force

The Code of Conduct Task Force was formed after RIPE 80 to finalise the updated RIPE Code of Conduct documents.

On 7 July 2021, the task force published an updated Code of Conduct.

On 27 September 2021, the RIPE Chair declared consensus on the document.

On 14 September 2022, the Code of Conduct TF published two documents for the community's review. One document describes the Code of Conduct Team's operational procedures, and the second document describes a selection process for the Code of Conduct Team. Community members were requested to share their comments on these texts by 30 September.

On 14 February 2023, the Code of Conduct TF published an updated version of the draft Code of Conduct Process and Consequences document

On 20 April 2023, the RIPE Chair declared consensus on both documents.

On 25 May 2023, the TF was closed at the RIPE Community Plenary during RIPE 86.

The updated Code of Conduct applies to all participation in RIPE, including RIPE mailing lists and RIPE Meetings as described in the scope of the document. More information about the RIPE Code of Conduct process can be found on the main page


The Diversity Task Force has put a lot of work into updating the existing RIPE Code of Conduct. It put together a series of draft documents that were then reviewed by the community, but no consensus was found on the current draft version 3.0.

During the RIPE 80 Community Plenary, Hans Petter Holen suggested a small task force form to finalise the work started by the Diversity TF. He further suggested to split the document into three parts to facilitate easier discussion and review by the community.


The Code of Conduct Task Force will review the draft RIPE Meeting Code of Conduct 3.0, the RIPE NCC impact analysis and the feedback already received on the Diversity Mailing List. The TF will then create the following set of documents:

1. RIPE Code of Conduct
2. Code of Conduct team selection
3. Reporting and operational procedures for the Code of Conduct team


The Task Force presented the first document (The RIPE Code of Conduct) to the RIPE community prior to RIPE 82 so it could be discussed at the meeting.

The Code of Conduct was then adopted by the community between RIPE 82 and RIPE 83. The task force is also working on the other two documents and will present draft versions to the community prior to RIPE 83.

Community Engagement 

Final Documents

Task Force Members

  • Brian Nisbet
  • Denesh Bhabuta
  • Salam Yamout
  • Leo Vegoda - Chair

RIPE NCC Staff Support

  • Antony Gollan
  • Athina Fragkouli 

Mailing List Archives

Emails to the Code of Conduct Task Force are publicly archived.

You can email the TF at: [email protected]