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RIPE NCC Services Working Group Minutes from RIPE 63

Vienna, 2 November 2011, 16:00 - 17:30

Co-Chair: Kurtis Lindqvist

A: Administrative Matters

Kurtis Lindquist, RIPE NCC Services Working Group co-Chair, started the session at 16:00 local time. He welcomed the attendees, outlined the agenda and introduced the update from the RIPE NCC's senior management team.

B. RIPE NCC Update - RIPE NCC Senior Management Team

RIPE NCC's Axel Pawlik, Daniel Karrenberg, Serge Radovcic, Andrew de la Haye, Paul Rendek and Jochem de Ruig gave updates on the RIPE NCC's current activities.

The presentations are available at:

There were no questions.

C. IPv4 Final Distribution and Business Processes (15 min)

- Andrea Cima, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

An audience speaker asked Andrea if this policy was only in regards to IPv4. Andrea replied that it was.

An audience speaker asked if other requests would be coming in the same queue. Andrea replied that they are in a separate queue.

Dmitry Morozovsky, Cronyx Plus LLC, asked if the time-stamp is based on when the RIPE NCC receives the ticket. Andrea confirmed yes.

There were no further questions.

D. Contractual Relationship Requirements for End Users (10 min)

Implementation Update: Policy Proposal 2007‐01 - Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Sebastian Wiesinger, Noris Network, asked if legacy space was included in the 2007-01 policy. Ingrid said it wasn't.

Janos Zsako, ISZT/Advisor to the RIPE NCC Executive Board, asked if there was any way for an End User to find out if their resources are considered an orphan.

Ingrid replied that they could contact their LIR to check this or email [email protected].

Andreas Schachtner, afs Holding, asked if there was an expected end date for Phase 3.

Ingrid replied that there wasn't, they expected it to last for some time. She added that the policy includes a timeline for the de-registration in regards to End Users that are contacted.

Wilfried Woeber, ACONET/RIPE Database Working Group co-Chair, commented that they have seen an idea or a proposal to extend the registration record for IP addresses and AS Numbers to include an indication about these double sponsoring LIR

Kurtis Lindqvist, netnod, asked how many resources are advertised.

Ingrid said that they have contacted 6,300 resource holders. They started with the most visible ones, but they were not all visible. She said when the workload became lighter, they started contacting the unannounced resource holders that were not visible at all in the routing tables.

Kurtis asked if the space was not easily reclaimable. Ingrid replied that it wasn't.

There were no further questions.

E. RIPE Atlas 20k (15 min)

- Daniel Karrenberg - RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Kurtis Lindqvist, netnod, asked where the money to fund RIPE Atlas comes from.

Daniel replied that it comes from membership fees and that it was not a relatively huge amount.

Brian Nesbitt, HEAnet, commented that it is good that everything is measured, that the Atlas project is fantastic and it should continue as long as the budget is there.

Daniel replied that it was not included in the budget at this time.

Brian replied that including it in the budget needed to be discussed.

Kurtis said he agreed with Brian and would like the measurements. He asked if they wanted the measurements if it costs the membership EUR 1.7 million.

Daniel explained that the cost was not something that had to be decided now.

Michele Neylon, Blacknight, said that he also supported the idea, but thought that the recurring annual cost of EUR 700k per year was high.

Daniel replied that the budget was not an issue at the moment.

An audience speaker said that the budget was an issue and Atlas would be more appealing if the numbers were smaller. He wondered if there was room to cut back on the costs of the probes at EUR 50 each.

Daniel replied that there might be some room to cut back on cost. He said that the EUR 50 per probe includes shipping and logistics.

There were no further questions.

Kurtis Lindqvist closed the session.