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Peter Wehrle

Peter WehrleI have a degree in communication engineering which drives my passion for electronics and radio communication. On top of this, I did an MBA which helped to settle in with English since German is my mother language.
I live and work in Germany, in the Frankfurt area and while I’m more IT Business Application driven in my professional life, the IoT kicks in with my amateur radio hobby and passion to melt together old ham amateurs and the current maker scene.
We run a network on Lora in our area, with various projects which combine very low energy consuming sensors and radio links to build up various data driven smart solutions. I’m also the president of an amateur radio club, running a yearly exhibition where we go into the mission of IoT sensors and radio interfaces as a base of many clever solutions.
RIPE 86 was my first RIPE Meeting and as I’m passionate about IoT, I took my chance to contribute as Co-Chair, broaden my passion to network and to bring commercial players and non-commercial communities together.