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RIPE 35 - Agenda

First CENTR DNR Forum

Krasnapolsky Hotel,Amsterdam
23 February 2000
Chairs: Fay Howard, CENTR & Sharon Bush, NetNames

Meeting details:

  • CENTR DNR-Forum launched to replace RIPE TLD-WG
  • First meeting attended by 50 poeple
  • participation from registries, ISPs/registrars and others


  • Succeeds RIPE TLD-WG (primarily non-technical issues at first)
  • In response to calls from ISPs/Registrars
  • Open to all with interest in Domain Name registration

CENTR Update

  • Fay Howard, CENTR GM gave an update on CENTR activities:
  • Political and policy Forum (GA)
  • Legal Forum (lawyers from member registries addressing legal issues of ccTLDs)
  • Technical Forum (Report from Technical Workshop 21/22 February)
  • New Public Forum which is the DNR-Forum

Round up from last TLD-WG

  • Niall O'Reilly gave a progress report on outstanding actions from TLD-WG:
  • DN objects in the RIPE Database RIPE NCC proposal:
  • Those TLDs using RIPE D/Base to have action plan by 31/3/00 to remove their objects
  • Anticipated date for removing objects is 30/6/00

Establisihing the DNR-Forum

  • Physical Meetings with RIPE Meetings
  • CENTR to make public mailing list [email protected] to include:
    participants of the DNR-F, old TLD-WG list
  • Fay Howard and Sharon Bush to chair next meeting - situation to be reviewed

Work Plan

  • Registry contracts with registrants & registrars -to be revisited
    after CENTR collects data on current practices
  • Registration Templates - small Task Force to work to document
    current practices, problems, requirements and make recommendations. Draft paper for next meeting
  • Data Protection, Zone file access & uses- Task Force to produce draft paper
    documenting potential uses of zone file information,
    (Statistics, host count, searches etc)
    Data protection implications and possible
  • Changes in registry policy on registration and renewals
    CENTR Secretariat to make What's New Web page to announce changes to the policies of
    member registries (happy to announce others)

Consulting the local Community on Registry policies

  • presentations from AFNIC (.FR) and DENIC (.DE) will be placed on Website
  • future agenda's to include information from other registries

Creation of .EU TLD

  • Summary of CENTR press release
  • community urged to comment on the European Commission's working document: