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IPv6 Working Group Minutes - RIPE 77

Date: 18 October 2018, 11:00 - 12:30
WG Co-Chairs: Jen Linkova, Benedikt Stockebrand, Raymond Jetten

Scribe: Massimiliano Stucchi 

Status: Draft

1. Welcome/Agenda Bashing/Meeting Minutes

The presentation is available at

There were no questions or comments.

2. IPv6 Work at IETF (v6ops/6man WGs updated) Jen Linkova, WG Co-Chair  

The presentation is available at:

Pawel Lunin from Scaleway mentioned that RFC8475 was recently published, and
asked for a more detailed explanation from Jen Linkova, one of the authors.

Marco Hogewoning from RIPE NCC thanked the presenters and asked to
point those interested towards smaller Internet drafts that haven't been adopted by Working Groups. He suggested taking a look at a specific draft on ENUM numbers and said that participants in the room should comment on that.

Cyril Malevanov from Selectel spoke against IPv6 on behalf of the operators from St. Petersburg. He said he wanted his voice to be heard, and to state his opinion.

Alissa Cooper, IETF Chair, thanked the presenters on behalf of the IETF.
She also stated that if there were ideas, people could approach her and other IETF
participants to get help.

There were no more questions or comments.

3. Clusters in the Expanse: Understanding and Unbiasing IPv6 Hitlists Oliver Gasser, RACI

 The presentation is available at:

Jen Linkova, Google, said she liked the conclusions because she finds it hard to understand the issue of security by obscurity.

The presenter answered that there was a previous paper that compared the reachability of IPv4 against IPv6 and the outcome was that IPv6 addresses are more likely to respond because firewall rules were not set.

Randy Bush, IIJ and Archis asked about the IPv6 responsiveness graph in the slides and how it compares to IPv4.

The presenter answered that the numbers are in the paper, but couldn't provide any more data as he couldn't remember it in detail.

There were no more questions or comments.

The presentation is available at:

Jen Linkova, Google, commented during the presentation that she wouldlike to do the"IPv6 bullshit bingo" if any more references to a paper mentioned during thepresentation will be highlighted.

Randy Bush, IIJ, mentioned that they tried turning off IPv4 at the lastIETF,specifically for the IPv6-related Working Groups (6man, v6ops) and it didn'twork out the way they would have liked. They tried NAT64. Hesaid unfortunately there is still work to be done.

Jen Linkova said there were bugs in the network, and 75% of the peoplereported they had no problems getting work done in a survey sent later.

There were no more questions nor comments.

5. The Art of Running Out of IPv6 Addresses Benedikt Stockebrand

The presentation is available at:

Jan Zorz thanked the presenter and seconded the fact that history
repeats itself over and over again, and errors keep being repeated.

There were no more questions nor comments.