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MAT Working Group Minutes - RIPE 81

Wednesday, 28 October 15:00 - 15:45 
Chairs: Brian Trammell, Nina Bargisen 
Scribe: Ed Shryane
Status: Final

1. Where Things Roam: Uncovering Cellular IoT/M2M Connectivity

Andra Lutu

The presentation is available at: 

There were no questions.

2. UDP Options: Overcoming the Sorrows of the Young Extension

Raffaele Zullo

The presentation is available at: 

There were no questions.

3. ProBGP: Geographical Approximation of BGP Update Paths

Alex Ulmer

The presentation is available at: 

Daniel Karrenberg suggested that Alex look at RIS data that’s now in BigQuery which could speed up his access to BGP data. He asked Alex how he determines which data centres are big?

Alex replied that they use the IP prefix size to determine if there should be a big data centre in a location.

Daniel suggested subscribing to the MAT working group mailing list to gain more domain knowledge.

4. RIPE NCC Tools Update + Ten Years of RIPE Atlas!

Robert Kisteleki, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available: 

There were no questions.