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Wednesday, 16 May 16:00 - 17:45
Co-Chairs: Kurtis Lindqvist, Bijal Sanghani
Scribe: Vesna Manojlovic
Status: Final

A. Administrative Matters [5 mins] - Kurtis Lindqvist

* Welcome
* Select a scribe
* Finalise agenda
* Approve minutes from RIPE 75

The presentation is available at:

Kurtis welcomed everyone to their "favourite working group" and reminded
everyone to register for the GM.

Kurtis thanked the scribe and asked for comments on the minutes from
RIPE 75. There were no comments and the minutes were declared approved.

Kurtis ran through the agenda and asked for questions.

There were no questions.

B. RIPE NCC Update [20 mins] - Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

C. RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund [15 mins] - Alastair Strachan, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

D. GDPR Implementation at the RIPE NCC [20 mins] - Maria Stafyla, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Jordi Palet, The IPv6 Company, asked if RIPE Atlas measurements would be considered as well, since they collect IP addresses in logs.

Maria replied that they will evaluate what data they keep internally, including logs. They will keep the community updated about the outcome of the RIPE NCC's evaluation.

Athina Fragkouli, RIPE NCC, clarified that there isn't a yes/no answer on whether IP addresses are considered personal data. If they don't have other information about the user, then IP address is not considered personal data.

E. RIPE NCC Arbitration Procedures [15 mins]Keith Mitchell, RIPE NCC Arbiter

The slides are available at:

Carsten Schiefner, BMI/BDBOS, asked how many times have both parties accepted the findings of the arbitration or one of the parties went for the formal court ruling.

Keith replied that generally, the arbitration conclusions are accepted and there has never been an actual legal challenge.

Sascha Luck asked if binding arbitration is legal everywhere in the RIPE NCC service region.

Keith replied that binding authority comes from the service agreement. So, the same
legal jurisdiction rules apply as to obtaining RIPE NCC services.

F. The IANA Review Committee - Are We Getting What We Need from the PTI?[10 min] - Nurani Nimpuno, Asteroid

The presentation is available at:

Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC, thanked Nurani for her work in representing
the RIPE community in this role.

G. Open Microphone Session [5 mins]

No comments.

Z. Any other business