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Remote Session - 9 December 2020

WG co-Chairs: Joao Damas, Shane Kerr, David Knight

On 9 December 2020 from 15:00 to 16:30 (UTC+2), the DNS Working Group held a remote session via Zoom.


1. Measuring ROA deployment at the top of the DNS
Edward Lewis


Ruediger Volk asked if Ed was counting the AS origin from the ROAs.

Ed confirmed that it was counting the AS origin.

Shane Kerr asked if the data was collected by hand or via code.

Ed explained that this was done via code. He added that the core map is pulling raw data that is running daily and that all visualisations are generated automatically.

Ruediger pointed out that with regards to the ROAs, Ed should look at who are the owners of the addresses that the AS Houses are announcing because ROAs are not set by AS owners but are representing what the address owners are doing.

Ed replied that he also wondered if the responsibility for ROAs were with the AS owners or with the BGP prefix holder. He also mentioned that in some cases a BGP prefix can be shared by two ASes. He added that he needed to clean this up and that his use of AS House might be a bit inaccurate.

Ruediger mentioned that “AS Houses” are a useful concept and offered to help Ed in his research.

There were no further questions.