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Open Source Working Group Minutes RIPE 79

Wednesday, 16 October 14:00 - 15:30
Chairs: Ondrej Filip, Martin Winter
Scribe: Vesna Manojlovic
Status: Draft

A. Administrative Matters

Finalise agenda
Approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)
Review action list
Results of WG Chair Re-Election

B. Collaborative Open Source: MANRS Validator

Leslie Daigle, ThinkingCat Enterprises
Presentation available at:

Leslie asked for the input and asked everyone to fill in the

Blake Willis (Zayo) asked if it could be made easier to contribute financially. He said it would be helpful for him if the speaker could publish an hourly rate for developers on the web site. He asked how long it usually takes to introduce a feature that would, say, enable him to create a PO. Leslie responded that it’s not something she had thought of, and invited Blake to add it to the survey under “other”.

C. The Recent Development of the RPKI Validator Project

Mikhail Puzanov, RIPE NCC
Presentation available at:

Anton Prado (SBTAP) commented that he is a happy user of Validator 2. He asked when the developers will stop using Java. Mikhail answered that he doesn’t know yet.

Alex Band (NLNET Labs) thanked the speaker and his team at the RIPE NCC for all the work.

Jean-Daniel Pauget (LyonIX/Rezopole) asked how he can get the updates / announcements about new bugs, etc? What’s the best channel? Mikhail advised him to monitor the change-log and GitHub. If there are big changes, they will be posted on the mailing list.

D. NGI0: The Next Generation Internet Initiative

Michiel Leenaars, Director of Strategy at NLnet Foundation
Presentation available at:

A speaker from the audience asked about the speakers plans for sustainability and using less energy. Michiel answered that this is one of the criteria, but that the current focus is on privacy and search-engines.

E. Automating Networks Using Salt, Without Running Proxy Minions

Mircea Ulinic, DigitalOcean
Presentation available at:

Kostas Zorbadelos (Canal+ Telecom) asked if this will be incorporated into mainstream Salt distribution from SaltStack? Mircea answered that there are no plans for this at at the moment.

Kostas went on to ask what the reasoning was for going with this approach instead of using Ansible. Mircea answered that it's a very easy to develop module. He added that the rest API is also very important; it provides event driven automation, which is out of the scope of Ansible generally. These were just the top three reasons.

Robert Kisteleki from RIPE NCC made an announcement about the release of RIPE Atlas “software probes”.

Vesna Manojlovic from RIPE NCC made an announcement about the results of the IoT hackathon, which would be presented during the IoT-WG.