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RIPE 44 - Tools WG

Chair: Manuel Valente [email protected]
Scribe: Flora Robin [email protected]

Secure Web Portal Presentation: By Manuel Valente

(Q)uestions/(S)uggestions & (A)nswers:

Q: When will it be possible to update objects in the whois DB easily?
A: There won't be any possibility to update DB objects without an
implementation of PKI.

Q: It could be interesting to see the content of the tickets. A: This
is going to be implemented.
S: Being able to see all the old tickets
might be a legal problem, and also not always useful.

S: Wouldn't it be possible to simplify the authentication?

S: Security and whois part should have the highest priority.

Q: Concerning whois, is there any automatic interface allowing
modifying our own objects, without filling again all the fields?

A: There is already a such tool : webupdates. It will be integrated to
the LIR Portal and will allow a unique authentication to access all
the objects.

S: Can a real time chat with the Hostmasters be possible?

Q: Is there any possibility to get a reference to all the objects
belonging to one LIR in the whois DB?

A: It is planned by DB group to implement in the future an
organization object which would enable this.

Future of the Tools WG : By Manuel Valente

(Q)uestions/(S)uggestions & (A)nswers:

Q: What are the tools already available?
A: Tools like ASUSED are available on the web site.

S: There are public and private information on the LIR Portal. Maybe
the public one could be shared. It might also be interesting to hide
certain parts from other part of the company. Possibility to manage
IP addresses should be added. Some tools have been developed by big
LIRs, but they don't share it, for instance because of intellectual
property. Sometimes, these tools also use internal data, so might not
be sharable.

Q: Are you planning to allow some machine-machine connection?

A: We are planning to use soap technologies, which would allow a
machine-machine connection, and also in the future use soap to connect
to whois.

Q: Is the IPMT mailing-list going to disappear?
A: Probably, and it might be replaced by