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Chairman: Dave Wilson (HEAnet)
Scribe: Daniel Diaz (RIPE NCC)
- Last agenda approved.
- Agenda bashing.
* Flowmaps (Kai Siering).
- New visualization possibilities.
- You could do something like having several innpaths.
- Visualization/printing is difficult when many peers existing.
- Orca plots showing current stats about absolute number of articles            
accepted, etc...
 Articles/Second, Abs. Volume accepted, Abs. Volume/sec. accepted.
- Orca used to offer same information as 'innflow'.
- No much time available to improve all this. Kai invites anybody who is 
interested on this, to collaborate.
* NHNS (Daniel Diaz).
- Brief Update on NHNS - Netnews Hierarchy Names System.
- URL:
- Update for draft-diaz-nhns-01.txt ready.
- No more efforts will be devoted to this, unless interest is raised by 
the community.
Dave Wilson asks:
- How many of you are running their news server?.
- How many of you allow other feed types besides NNTP?.
* Dave announces a proposal to change the format of the Working Group            
(already agreed with Rob Blokzijl).
- People in the room agrees (no complains).
- Dave Wilson will comment this on the mailing list.