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Open Source WG Chair Selection Process

[1] The Open Source WG will have two co-chairs.

[2] WG may decide to increase a number of co-chairs to three.

[3] Two months before every autumn meeting there will be a call for co-chair candidates. The nomination period will be 14 days.

[4] If there is no application, the current co-chairs continue.

[5] Just one co-char can be replaced every year.

[6] If there is one (or more) application, the current co-chair and the new candidate start to discuss about among themselves who will be serving next terms. If no consensus is reached until 14 days before RIPE, then we'll have a voting at the RIPE meeting. The voting system must respect rule number 5.

[7] Any issues relating to the selection or replacement of a co-chair which are not covered by the above will be decided by WG consensus during the RIPE meeting. When the WG is unable to reach consensus, the matter will be referred to the RIPE Chair (or their deputy) whose decision shall be final.