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Remote Session - 17 September 2020

WG co-Chairs: Joao Damas, Shane Kerr, David Knight

On 27 September 2020 from 15:00 to 16:30 (UTC+2), the DNS Working Group held a remote session via Zoom.



Scribe: Boris Duval

Status: Draft

1. Anycast in “The Cloud”
Brett Carr


João Damas asked the presenter how many other DNS providers were sharing the platform presented.

Brett Carr answered that some operators in Europe are using it but couldn’t share specific names for data disclosure reasons.

Dave Knight commented that he is using the same stack of health checks but without having them withdrawing the prefixes. Instead, his system starts adding AS-path prepend to routes, so that everything that is deemed “unhealthy” is de-preferenced.

Brett mentioned that he liked the idea and that he will keep it in mind for the next platform’s redesign.

Jim Reid asked what the implications of the platform were concerning hardware (e.g. DDoS attacks).

Brett replied that he couldn’t speak for other operators but shared that his company’s approach would be to find a quick solution to the problem as soon as their monitoring system flags a threat. If this fails, they will simply take it out from the anycast.

There were no further questions.

2. DNS Flag Day
Ondřej Sury


Brett Carr mentioned that calling it a “Flag Day” might be misleading because there are no hard changes planned.

Ondřej Sury replied that it doesn’t make sense to change the name of the event every year.

Dave Knight added that he didn’t mind that it was promoted as a Flag Day if it made people pay attention to the changes.

Shane Kerr commented that having a specific date has a value because all operators will know that after this date these specific changes were implemented.

Marc Andrews agreed with calling it a “Flag Day” and pointed that that it was not a backwards compatible change and that it will start to break things.

Jaap Akkerhuis mentioned that not everybody will update on that day and that it will take some time.

Edward Lewis shared that they had a similar issue with keyroll when they wanted to publicise small changes made in the key. They ended up changing the usual name for updates to communicate to operators that these changes carried a lower level of urgency.

Ondřej proposed to come up with other names and asked the community for feedback.

David Lawrence pointed out that it was already too late for the upcoming Flag Day event and that it would be interesting to have this discussion for future events.

João Damas asked if they will be only advertising a specific size for DNS messages after that day or drop all messages that are not fitting the requested size.

Ondřej replied that they will only request and advertise a specific size of message and that nothing will be dropped.

Peter van Dijk commented that PowerDNS, Google Public DNS and soon OpenDNS reject all responses over the advertised buffer size.

Marc Andrews shared that he is using a larger buffer size to handle overflow.

Moritz Muller asked Ondřej if they already had plans for 2021.

Ondřej replied that they didn’t have plans yet.

There were no further questions.