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RIPE Meeting: 46 Working Group: IPv6 Status: Final Revision Number: 1

Draft minutes for the IPv6 Working Group Meeting RIPE46
When: 16:00 - 17:30, Wednesday September 3, 2003
Where: Grand Ballroom, Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam
Who: Chair: David Kessens
Scribe: Pierre Baume
A. Administrative stuff
- appointment of scribe: Pierre Baume (RIPE NCC)
- agenda bashing
(David Kessens)
Agenda point D below dropped.
B. Status of the 6bone
(David Kessens)
- no new 6bone addresses will be allocated from 1/1/2004.
- allocated 6bone addresses will not be valid anymore after 6/6/2006
C. Reports from the IETF

- multi6 working group summary
missing url
(Kurt Erik Lindqvist)
Illjitsch van Beijnum: Who else is on the design team(s)?
David Kessens: I will send the names I have to the list.
D. Update on ttm progress
(Henk Uijterwaal)
Dropped from agenda.
E. Global IPv6 routing table status
- Global IPv6 routing table status
(Gert Doering)
- IPv6 routing table anomalies
(Jeroen Massar)
F. Report(s) about *actual* v6 traffic volume as compared to v4?
*what's real* out there, not what's on powerpoint?
(input from the audience)
Nothing to report.
G. Developments/initiatives regarding IPv6 in the RIPE region and beyond
(input from the audience)

- RENATER's IPv6 activity
missing url
(Bernard Tuy)
Geza Turchanyi: What is the presentation's URL?
Bernard Tuy: Visit
H. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan
(input from the audience)
Action (for Everybody) - Read the Activity Plan 2004 and tell the RIPE
NCC/Board what you want!