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Open Source Working Group Minutes RIPE 81

Open Source Working Group RIPE 81 
Thursday, 29 October 15:00 - 15:45 
WG co-Chairs: Martin Winter, Ondrej Filip 
Scribe: Anna Reynolds
Status: Final

A. Administrative Matters

Working Group Chairs

The presentation is available at:

Co-Chair Ondrej Filip welcome attendees. The minutes of the Open Source Working Group session at RIPE 80 were approved. Martijn mentioned that they had not seen any candidates come forward to stand for Chair, so he and Ondrej would continue. There will be another election in fall next year.

B. The Life Cycle of the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 

Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Rüdiger Volk commented that while he was happy with Nathalie and the RIPE NCC sharing a roadmap for closing down software support, if he was in operations he would be disappointed by the fairly short notice. It is probably a challenge to change to a different production software within half a year.

Nathalie replied that Rüdiger had a point. It’s hard to find balance when sunsetting a product. There were also members suggesting that it should be stopped immediately. There are currently around 450 active users of the software and it’s the RIPE NCC’s responsibility to inform them in a timely manner.

Blake Willis said that he personally felt that this kind of project offered good proof of concept. It gets people started with using RPKI and then other solutions develop, and this project can be sunset. He added that it seems like the right way to go about getting things like RPKI deployed, and then other people can pick it up and move forward and thanked Nathalie.

C. The Birdist Cookbook 

Alexander Zubkov, Qrator Labs CZ s.r.o

The presentation is available at:

There were no questions.

D. Open Source WG and Virtual Meetings

Martin Winter

There were no questions.

End of the session.