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Remote Session - 8 July 2020

WG co-Chairs: Joao Damas, Shane Kerr, David Knight

On 8 July 2020 from 15:00 to 16:30 (UTC+2), the DNS Working Group held a remote session via Zoom.



Scribe: Boris Duval

Status: Draft

1. A Framework for Registration Data Directory
Steve Crocker

Shane Kerr asked how the current model was dealing with adoption and what the general process looked like.

Steve Crocker replied that their main goal was to get people together to align at a policy level and that the model was intentionally decoupled from adoption details to avoid potential limitations. However, he added that sitting down with the different stakeholders to talk through the policy details was often an effective way to deal with adoption issues.

João Damas asked if the model was intended to be a description of all possible items that comes into play in a registration framework or if it was more of a tool for everyone to think about all variables.

Steve answered that they did their best to characterise all possible choices but added that the model was imperfect and could always be improved in the future.

Shane asked if this model could be applicable to Internet numbers registries such as the RIPE NCC or ARIN.

Steve answered that the model is compatible with Internet numbers and mentioned that he was keen on collaborating with the RIPE NCC to explore this further.

There were no further questions.

2. Open Discussion 

João started an open discussion.